White Paper v4.0

September 2021


This whitepaper sets out the current and future developments of the Travala.com platform and the AVA token. The AVA token is issued and managed by a dedicated entity wholly separate from Travala.com and its related bodies corporate. This whitepaper is made available solely for the purpose of providing information and is not a statement of future intent. The information contained in this whitepaper has not been approved by any regulatory authority and may be amended, updated, or otherwise modified at any time. In publishing this whitepaper, Travala.com, its related bodies corporate, its directors, staff and any other contributors make no warranties or representations of any kind, including with respect to successfully achieving the development or implementation of the technologies, innovations, or any other activities noted in this whitepaper, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, any warranties implied by law or otherwise are hereby disclaimed.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this whitepaper (including but not limited to all statements, opinions, forecasts, or projections, whether expressed or implied), we make no guarantee that the information in this whitepaper is accurate, complete, or up to date.

The plans and projections mentioned in this paper may not be achieved, either in part or in whole, due to multiple risk factors such as (without limitation): changes in legislation or regulation, defects in technology developments, corporate actions, market or sector volatility, or the unavailability of complete and accurate information. In the event that changes to legislation or regulations make it illegal or commercially unviable to operate in a particular jurisdiction, some or all plans and/or technologies described in this whitepaper may not be deliverable to, or may cease to be offered to, users in certain jurisdictions.

The functionality of the blockchain protocols on which the AVA token is issued falls under the control of third parties, and the parties operating these respective protocols are accountable for any malfunction or adverse changes to these protocols which may negatively affect the AVA token. Other risks, such as majority mining power attacks, double-spend attacks, or advances in quantum computing may compromise the security and usability of these protocols and, by extension, the security and usability of the AVA token.

This whitepaper is not directed to, or intended for distribution to or use by, any person or entity who is a citizen or resident of or located in any state, country or other jurisdiction where such distribution, publication, availability or use would be contrary to applicable laws or regulations. This whitepaper is not a prospectus or offer document of any kind and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction. The content contained in this whitepaper should not be interpreted as professional financial, tax, legal, or business advice, nor as a provision for any type of advice.

By accessing this whitepaper, the recipient acknowledges that they have read and understood this disclaimer and agree to be bound by the limitations stipulated in this disclaimer.

Executive Summary

Founded in 2017, Travala.com has grown from a small start-up to the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking service trusted by thousands of customers worldwide as their preferred online travel agency. 

Travala.com connects travellers to one of the world’s largest selections of hotels, alternative accommodations, flights and activities. With over 3,100,000 travel products available across 230 countries and territories, Travala.com utilises next-generation blockchain technology and tokenised incentives to offer travellers up to 40% cheaper pricing than mainstream travel booking platforms.

By introducing cutting-edge user experience as well as multiple cryptocurrency and traditional payment options,  Travala.com ensures that travellers receive a premier booking experience, transparent pricing, and exceptionally competitive rates backed up by the Best Price Guarantee

The Travala.com value proposition is bolstered by AVA, a utility and loyalty token issued and managed by a dedicated AVA token entity. AVA can be used for payments, receiving and redeeming loyalty rewards and discounts, and several other use cases.

Founded by a team of seasoned travel, fintech and blockchain industry experts, Travala.com’s mission is to enhance the travel booking experience with blockchain technology.

Travala.com has shown continued growth and traction since its inception. The following is a snapshot of key platform metrics:

The Problem

The online travel booking model was revolutionary when it arrived over 20 years ago. In its current form, however, this model is outdated. While the problems have been well hidden, noticeable cracks are beginning to appear. These problems affect both service providers and consumers, the major ones of which are outlined below:

  • Have lower margins.
  • Suffer reputational impact.
  • Rely on the industry’s review systems.
  • Are unable to provide a customised, innovative booking experience.
  • Cannot offer effective loyalty programs.
  • Cannot offer a wide variety of payment options.
  • Pay higher prices than they should.
  • Are offered false discounts.
  • Cannot trust the majority of reviews.
  • Have a less-than-ideal booking experience.
  • Are unable to easily redeem rewards and/or value.
  • Suffer from limited payment options.

Why These Problems Exist

The cause of each of the problems facing both service providers and consumers highlighted in the table exist for a number of reasons.

Problem 1: Price Parity Agreements. All major booking platforms enforce price parity agreements. This means that hotels must quote the same mark-up rate (15%-35%) as advertised on booking platforms, even for direct-to-consumer sales. Ultimately, price parity agreements prevent hotels from offering consumers the rates they want.

Problem 2: Artificially High Rates. As a result of price parity agreements, booking platforms regularly force hotels to mark up their pricing to artificially high rates. Consumers are then offered marked-down pricing to give the illusion of savings, leading to hotel reputational damage by what appears to be desperation discounting and consumer reluctance to pay full rates in the future.

Problem 3: Quality of Reviews. Travel experience reviews are primarily motivated by negative experiences even though most travellers have positive experiences. The primary reason behind this is that travellers are not sufficiently incentivised to leave reviews. Additionally, the concentrated ownership of booking platforms extends to many leading review websites and travel blogs, resulting in review bias.

Problem 4: Lack of Innovation. Existing booking platforms are primarily focused on fine-tuning their marketing engines. The billions of dollars spent on paid advertising and subsequent optimisation of ad spend means technology innovation is secondary. Few booking platforms are investing in the rapidly growing blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Problem 5: Unaligned Loyalty Programs. Booking platforms that provide loyalty programs carry outstanding rewards as liabilities on their balance sheets, meaning they aren’t incentivised to actually honor these rewards. This model disincentivises further travel spending since consumers are left with fewer redeemable rewards.

Problem 6: Limited Payment Options. Booking platforms are not innovating to offer more payment options. Most platforms only offer traditional card payment options, alienating an entire market of cryptocurrency users.

The rise of the internet allowed online travel booking platforms to dramatically change the market but decentralised technologies built on public blockchains are set to change it again.

The Solution

For Travala.com to successfully launch decentralised technologies capable of solving the problems endemic to the travel industry, solid corporate fundamentals must first be set. These fundamentals include building a recognised brand, hiring a world-class team, acquiring a robust user base, developing cutting-edge technology, and finding product-market fit.

Travala.com has received ample market validation so now is the time to move towards an evolution in online travel booking that will fundamentally change the relationship between consumers and their travel service providers.

Revolutionary decentralised functionalities and use cases will be rolled out which will complement an ever-improving travel booking experience made possible through the traditional centralised model. Going forward, the previously identified problems for hotels and consumers can be addressed in both a centralised and decentralised manner as follows:

  • Receive a commensurate proportion of the booking fee for the service they provide.
  • Can implement rational pricing which is representative of their service and brand.
  • Benefit from a review and content contribution system with properly aligned incentives.
  • Benefit from reaching new customers and sales channels without risk.
  • Can leverage tokenised loyalty rewards.
  • Pay 10-20% less on average with no hidden fees at checkout.
  • Can evaluate whether or not to book based on truly fair prices.
  • Can trust 100% of the verified reviews and content.
  • Can customise their booking experience.
  • Can spend, earn and convert rewards without friction.
  • Hotels and consumers have full visibility on the true cost of travel services through an immutable, shared blockchain ledger. Travala.com takes a fair commission for the service offered.
  • Travala.com’s straightforward pricing model means consumers are no longer deceived by false discounts, enabling them to evaluate each service provider’s offering with greater clarity and transparency.
  • Users are incentivised to write reviews for confirmed bookings on Travala.com. Reviews are scrutinised for accuracy while the number of community upvotes and downvotes determine relative seeding of reviews.
  • Consumers are offered a range of payment options, including popular cryptocurrencies and traditional methods. Suppliers have no exposure to the underlying currency exchange rate volatility.
  • Through the Smart Program — a unique loyalty program offered exclusively to Travala.com users — travel service providers receive access to a unique customer base that is incentivised to make future bookings.
  • Consumers can book peer-to-peer travel services free of any central authority. Property owners complete their listing and set rates as they see fit.
  • Data analytics are applied to decentralised data stores in order to suggest optimal room rates based on comparable properties.
  • A decentralised review platform governed by a consortium of booking platforms can incentivise trustworthy review writing at scale. Ownership of the reviews stays with the consortium, meaning it would be a copyright violation for others to use them.
  • Property owners have complete flexibility and customisation options, including whether they will accept cryptocurrencies.
  • Property owners can implement customised loyalty rewards, such as discounts or unique marketing promotions, using tokens with real value.

Each of the centralised and decentralised solutions will be explained further in the following section.

Business Model

Booking Commissions

Travala.com’s primary business is driven by booking commissions generated from properties aggregated via strategic partnerships with world-leading travel suppliers such as Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, Priceline, Hotelbeds and many more. Commission fees currently average 10% of the booking value.

Aside from bookings made directly on Travala.com and the Travala.com mobile app, commissions are also earned on bookings made via the following;

  1. Mini-App. Travala.com has designed a Mini-App to be integrated into top crypto exchanges, wallets and metaverses, allowing instant booking through existing wallets.
  2. Concierge Service. The Concierge Service is a premium, personalised service for high-net-worth travellers. Concierge clients receive priority, on-demand service from a dedicated team of travel agents.
  3. Business Accounts. Business accounts enable businesses to book corporate trips, manage staff bookings, and request changes anytime all from the business account management dashboard.

Direct Contracting Program

Starting in Q4 2021, Travala.com will initiate a Direct Contracting Program (DCP). Through the DCP, properties can be directly added to Travala.com under contractual agreements that grant Travala.com greater influence over room rates and availability, This will increase Travala.com’s booking margins by removing fees paid to third-party travel suppliers. 

The DCP model will also allow Travala.com to build direct relationships with property owners. These relationships are important for knowledge sharing and customer feedback which, in turn, can be used to improve the Travala.com platform. 

As Travala.com continues to develop decentralised technologies and business models, other incentivisation mechanisms that encourage properties to sign up directly to the DCP will be explored. 

The creation of a global Decentralised Salesforce (as covered in more detail below) is expected to be particularly useful in assisting Travala.com with the DCP.

Upcoming Business Models

  1. Additional Travel Products. Travala.com will introduce rental cars, transfers and other complementary travel services to put Travala.com on a level playing field with the product offerings of status quo existing travel tech giants.
  2. Travel Packages. Travala.com plans to offer travel packages that provide a convenient and unique method of travelling (e.g. inbound/outbound flights, accommodation and activities in a single bundled product).
  3. Advertising (TravalAds). Direct marketing opportunities are available to travel suppliers and strategic partners. Costs depend on a number of factors such as ad placement, size, type, and more. 
  4. Crypto Payment Gateway. A proprietary crypto payment gateway will be created for Travala.com and other travel suppliers to accept a range of cryptocurrencies, enabling Travala.com to have greater control over rates and fees while extending the gateway to travel suppliers who want to accept cryptocurrencies. 
  5. NFT Infrastructure. Travala.com will provide partner hotels with simple tools they can use to issue NFTs for deeper guest engagement and will enable NFT issuance for completed stays on Travala.com for viral growth.

Travala.com is also currently experimenting with booking optimisation tools that will improve profit margins while enhancing the overall customer experience. Examples of such mechanisms include: 

  • OptiSearch. Reduces unnecessary queries by calculating the likelihood of buyer conversion and only then querying the top suppliers instead of querying all active suppliers. OptiSearch leads to significantly faster response times due to reduced server loads.
  • SmartBook. Reduces the occurrence of failed and sold-out bookings, boosting conversions and customer retention. SmartBook can intervene before a booking is lost by automatically booking the same product through an alternative supplier. SmartBook also searches for the best buy rate across Travala.com’s hotel supplier network after customers have booked a room, thus maximizing profit margins.
  • Dynamic Pricing. This feature allows margins to be dynamically marked up  according to current market conditions instead of relying on flat rates or fixed percentages.
  • Rebooker. If the price of a booking falls after the initial reservation is made, Rebooker will automatically cancel the original reservation and rebook it at the new lower cost. 

Alongside efforts to improve the existing business model, Travala.com will be implementing new decentralised business models in the near future.

Decentralised Business Models

In order to leverage the advantages of disintermediation, more advanced decentralised functionality and use cases will be gradually phased in to Travala.com’s business model.  

Fully decentralised technologies are still new and experimental. There are few proven use cases to benchmark against and even fewer best practices. Because there is no decentralised platform playbook, Travala.com’s approach will be to undertake incremental changes with fine tuning rather than major upheavals of existing systems. The focus will be on selecting the right technologies that underpin a decentralised platform and building a community of advocates who are aligned with Travala.com’s vision.

Decentralised Accommodation Booking

Using a decentralised model, accommodation seekers are able to book stays without the need for an intermediary. This enables individuals seeking apartment, bedroom, or hotel room rentals to deal directly with property owners. In this case, Travala.com will act solely as the technology provider to facilitate bookings. The key responsibilities of the platform will include: 

  • Providing tools for security and data ownership, such as user reputation, trust mechanisms, and dispute mediation.
  • Governing platform incentives and rewards.
  • Developing the community and offering developer tools to assist with new platform developments. 

The business model for a decentralised Travala.com still includes commission fees, though at a lower percentage of the booking value than the current percentage. The benefit for travellers is a lower cost, more transparent, and more customised booking experience. 

The benefits for property owners include greater control, improved transparency, less fraud, and lower fees. Decentralised bookings are a large divergence from the approach taken by existing peer-to-peer travel booking marketplaces, though we believe the market is ready to accept such an offering.

Decentralised Salesforce

To support the DCP (Direct Contracting Program), the creation of a globally distributed and decentralised salesforce incentivised by tokenised rewards will help Travala.com achieve global scalability.

Similar to how Uber expanded their workforce through low-friction onboarding of service providers (drivers), independent agents will be empowered to expand Travala.com’s DCP network without increasing salaried employee costs. Over time, this will potentially save millions of dollars in overhead costs. 

Anyone, anywhere in the world will be able to participate in this program and get rewarded in the form of AVA. An onboarding process will be required to both vet the quality of participating individuals and set them up for success. 

The Decentralised Salesforce will help Travala.com compete in fast-growing travel accommodation markets against established platforms which already have millions of directly contracted properties listed.

Decentralised Reviews

Verified reviews are a valuable commodity in the travel and tourism industry. Certain platforms within the space are charging tens of thousands of dollars per year just to license the right to use their compiled reviews.

However, status quo review systems are notoriously inadequate. An inability to solve the identity problem, combined with improperly designed incentives, results in rampant fake reviews or reviews that are predominantly negative.

The importance of a genuine verification system and adequate economic incentivisation for well-intentioned reviewers cannot be understated. Thankfully, by leveraging decentralised technology under a Booking Platform Consortium model, a way to create such a system is now possible.

With such a model, Travala.com can lead the way in creating the technology that incentivises users to write thoughtful reviews (by allowing them to generate earnings from the reviews) while preventing non-Consortium members from freely using the reviews to their benefit.

At first, Travala.com would be the only member of the Consortium. Business development efforts would target similar-sized and like-minded travel booking platforms. Under this model, the ownership of the reviews stays with the Consortium, and it would be a copyright violation for others to use them. 

To start, the existing reviews already compiled on Travala.com would be lent to the new review platform. Once others join the Consortium, they will receive the right to use existing reviews and submit new reviews. To join the Consortium, travel booking platforms will do the following:

  • Submit a one-time payment to all Consortium members, with the payment split in proportion to the percentage of reviews submitted by each member. The first five Consortium members join free of charge. 
  • Lock-in AVA which must be purchased on the open market. The first five Consortium members receive an early-stage discount.  
  • Donate 10% of their staked AVA position every year to the Community Pool (discussed in the Decentralised Governance section below) as a fee to maintain membership.
  • Platinum Members will receive full rights to use the reviews how they see fit. This protects Travala.com’s search engine optimization while still providing booking platforms with a cheaper way to obtain legitimate reviews. Platinum Memberships will be priced on an ad-hoc basis.

Decentralised Referral System

Affiliate marketing always requires the vendor to be honest and report affiliate earnings correctly. While a decentralised referral system would not completely eliminate the need for affiliates to trust Travala.com, it would at least enhance the transparency of the payout system. Further, since payments can be made using cryptocurrencies, there is the benefit of significantly lower transaction fees, particularly for cross-border payments.

Travala.com will track registrations of users who were referred by affiliates, then pay affiliates a percentage of the commission earned through bookings from the customer for a duration of five years. Once a month, bookings and affiliate earnings are uploaded to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to create an immutable record of who got paid, why, and when.

The IPFS is a decentralised file storage system. With IPFS, every file is referenced by its Content Identifier (“CID”), which is a unique hash of the file it represents. This means that every file in IPFS is tamper-proof, immutable, and referenced by a hash rather than a URL (as in the status quo).

The hash that represents each IPFS item can easily be stored in the memo ID field of a transaction on the blockchain. Travala.com will use this technique to associate otherwise arbitrary data on the blockchain, thereby ensuring the data cannot be manipulated by an attacker.

Decentralised Governance

Each month, 30% of all net revenues from Travala.com are converted to AVA and added to the Community Pool, the balance of which is publicly visible. The funds in the Community Pool will be allocated by the community via the “Community Vote”. This feature will increase the utility of the AVA token, further contributing to the transparency of Travala.com and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The progressively decentralised model underpinning the Community Vote will provide the community with a mechanism to determine aspects of Travala.com’s future, with AVA token holders able to vote on how funds in the Community Pool are spent. Initially, proposals will be put forward by the Travala.com team based on sentiment from the community, with the view to open proposal submissions to the community in the future. Proposals could include marketing, development, or any other relevant topic.

AVA token holders who hold an active Smart membership will be able to vote in favor of or against proposals directly from the new voting area on Travala.com. Votes are allocated in proportion to the member’s applicable Smart Level, with Smart Level 1 members receiving one vote and Smart Level 5 members receiving five votes.

The primary advantage of decentralised governance is that it improves community engagement, builds loyalty and empowers members.

The AVA Token


The AVA token is to Travala.com what Velocity Points are to Virgin airlines. In essence, AVA tokens are points on the blockchain used to purchase bookings, receive Smart Program discounts and rewards, and participate in community voting. 

With the introduction of AVA into the business model, the incentive to use Travala.com becomes significantly stronger. The utility of AVA is designed to provide travellers with practical and rewarding use cases while encouraging loyalty to the Travala.com platform.

AVA can be purchased on digital currency exchanges, earned by joining the Affiliate Program, participating in the Invite Program, or simply by making a booking on Travala.com.

AVA Token Details

  • Total supply: 61,011,389
  • Circulating Supply: 50,998,000
  • Multichain asset Binance Chain (BEP2), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and Ethereum (ERC20).

Each functional aspect of AVA is covered in more detail below.


Users can pay for bookings using AVA.The key benefits of paying with AVA include special discounts, reduced transaction costs, and faster settlement times. Additionally, as part of the Smart Program, users can access enhanced tiered rewards on their payments.


Every time a booking is completed on Travala.com, the traveller receives 2% of the total booking price back in AVA. This is critical for putting the cryptocurrency into the hands of the masses.

SMART Program

The Smart Program enables Smart members to receive discounts of up to 5%, up to 5% loyalty rewards when booking millions of accommodations worldwide, and up to an additional 3% discount when paying with AVA. Smart members also have voting power on governance proposals based on their Smart tier and access to the Proof of Travel NFT program (coming soon).

AVA rewards can either be saved towards a future booking or used to participate in the Smart Program. By locking AVA into the Smart tier of their choice, members are eligible to receive the corresponding discounts and loyalty rewards.

The higher the Smart tier, the greater the rewards. For example, the highest reward tier, Platinum (2500 AVA), offers users a 5% discount on Smart listed hotel and accommodation prices and a 5% loyalty reward following the completion of a stay.

The Community Vote offers AVA token holders the opportunity to determine key Travala.com platform decisions. The voting power of Smart members increases commensurate with their Smart tier, i.e. the voting power of a Platinum member is five times greater than that of Steel members.

To enable the Smart Program, each member is required to lock their AVA for a minimum of 30 days. The Smart tiers are as follows:

Amount of AVA
You will need to lock up 50 AVA to activate this basic tier of the Smart Program.

Smart Loyalty
Get up to 2% loyalty reward for bookings made on the platform. These rewards will be paid directly to your wallet in the AVA token.

Smart Payments
Get up to an additional 3% discount from bookings made on the platform when AVA is used as the payment method.

Proof of Travel NFTs
Get access to the Proof of Travel stamps and badges NFT program (Coming Soon).

Amount of AVA
You will need to lock up 250 AVA to activate this tier of the Smart Program.

Smart Discount
Get up to 1% discount from bookings made on the platform. The discount will be applied directly to the listed prices on the platform.

Smart Loyalty
Get up to 2% loyalty reward for bookings made on the platform. These rewards will be paid directly to your wallet in the AVA token.

Smart Payments
Get up to an additional 3% discount from bookings made on the platform when AVA is used as the payment method.

Smart Governance
Get 1 vote in favour or against governance proposals.

Proof of Travel NFTs
Get access to the Proof of Travel stamps and badges NFT program (Coming Soon).

Amount of AVA
You will need to lock up 500 AVA to activate this tier of the Smart Program.

Smart Discount
Get up to 2% discount from bookings made on the platform. The discount will be applied directly to the listed prices on the platform.

Smart Loyalty
Get up to 2% loyalty reward for bookings made on the platform. These rewards will be paid directly to your wallet in the AVA token.

Smart Payments
Get up to an additional 3% discount from bookings made on the platform when AVA is used as the payment method.

Smart Governance
Get 2 votes in favour or against governance proposals.     

Proof of Travel NFTs
Get access to the Proof of Travel stamps and badges NFT program (Coming Soon).

Amount of AVA
You will need to lock up 1250 AVA to activate this tier of the Smart Program.

Smart Discount
Get up to 3% discount from bookings made on the platform. The discount will be applied directly to the listed prices on the platform.

Smart Loyalty
Get up to 3% loyalty reward for bookings made on the platform. These rewards will be paid directly to your wallet in the AVA token.

Smart Payments
Get up to an additional 3% discount from bookings made on the platform when AVA is used as the payment method.

Smart Governance
Get 3 votes in favour or against governance proposals.

Proof of Travel NFTs
Get access to the Proof of Travel stamps and badges NFT program (Coming Soon).

Amount of AVA
You will need to lock up 2000 AVA to activate this tier of the Smart Program.

Smart Discount
Get up to 4% discount from bookings made on the platform. The discount will be applied directly to the listed prices on the platform.

Smart Loyalty
Get up to 4% loyalty reward for bookings made on the platform. These rewards will be paid directly to your wallet in the AVA token.

Smart Payments
Get up to an additional 3% discount from bookings made on the platform when AVA is used as the payment method.

Smart Governance
Get 4 votes in favour or against governance proposals.

Proof of Travel NFTs
Get access to the Proof of Travel stamps and badges NFT program (Coming Soon).

Amount of AVA
You will need to lock up 2500 AVA to activate this tier of the Smart Program.

Smart Discount
Get up to 5% discount from bookings made on the platform. The discount will be applied directly to the listed prices on the platform.

Smart Loyalty
Get up to 5% loyalty reward for bookings made on the platform. These rewards will be paid directly to your wallet in the AVA token.

Smart Payments
Get up to an additional 3% discount from bookings made on the platform when AVA is used as the payment method.

Smart Governance
Get 5 votes in favour or against governance proposals.

Proof of Travel NFTs
Get access to the Proof of Travel stamps and badges NFT program (Coming Soon).

INVITE Program

Users can refer friends and family members to Travala.com and get rewarded for each referral. When the referee makes a successful booking, they receive a USD $25.00 reward in AVA. The referrer also receives USD $25.00 in AVA for every invited friend who completes a booking.

Review Rewards

Once implemented, rewards will also be given to all travellers who leave an authentic review on Travala.com. It is only possible to submit a review on a confirmed booking following a stay. All review rewards are paid in AVA.


Hotels and travel suppliers can use AVA to pay for priority seeding of their product in search results. This extends to a multitude of third-party travel-related services, such as promoting tickets to the Eiffel Tower when users search for a hotel in Paris.

Integration Fees

Travala.com is a true champion of cryptocurrency adoption and is constantly adding new payment options to the platform. To date, Travala.com has integrated 50+ cryptocurrency payment options. Innovative projects seeking to boost the adoption of their cryptocurrency can request to list their coin and partner with Travala.com.


Travala.com will continue to forge ahead with bridging the gap between the traditional booking experience and planned next-generation decentralised booking experiences. Planned technology and business model additions will expand the competitive edge of the platform while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction, revenue, and profit margins.

For more details, please refer to Travala.com’s previous and upcoming roadmaps.

The roadmap will continue to evolve and change as new developments, experiments, and user-centric improvements are implemented that broaden the  functionality of Travala.com.


Travala.com has amassed a noteworthy partnership lineup and seeks to grow its partner list where strategically worthwhile and where mutual commercial benefit is present. Identifying key areas of competence to be reinforced through suitable partner support has been a priority focus to date. Below are some of Travala.com’s key partnerships.

The Team

The early success of Travala.com is credited to a team of 70 individuals who are passionate about improving the way we book travel services. Within the Travala.com team are experienced professionals in blockchain development, travel, and FinTech from some of the world’s largest companies. The team is predominantly distributed throughout Australia, Canada and Vietnam.

Below, we introduce you to the people making Travala.com the world’s leading crypto-friendly travel booking platform.

Executive Team

Juan Otero – Co-Founder & CEO – Linkedin

With a wealth of experience in some of the largest tech companies in the world including Oracle and Booking.com, Juan is responsible for overseeing and driving all Travala.com operations, business activities and resources and for ensuring that all corporate decisions align with the overall strategy and mission.

Steve Hipwell – Co-Founder & COO – Linkedin

With over 10 years experience in the online travel space, Steve is responsible for managing Travala.com’s day-to-day business operations. As Chief of Operations, Steve manages Travala.com’s operational processes to ensure an outstanding customer experience and that the company has all the necessary operational and financial procedures in place.

Caleb Yeoh – CBDO – Linkedin

As a former board member of Blockchain Australia, Caleb champions digital currency adoption through thought leadership and speaking events. Previous companies include Deloitte, Origin Energy, BHP Billiton and Shell. Caleb focuses on the development of the business through building relationships in the industry, identifying opportunities, and completing key business deals.

Kent Pham – CTO – Linkedin

Being an executive leader for Technologies and Operations, Kent is responsible for outlining Travala.com’s technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that technological resources meet the company’s short and long-term needs. The achievements of the development team cannot be reached without his direction.

Matthew Stevens – CFO – Linkedin

A Chartered Accountant and London Business School MBA, Matt has over 10 years experience in accounting and finance. He has worked in a variety of roles in M&A advisory and business valuations, investment management, and venture capital. Matt is responsible for Travala.com accounting and reporting that supports management decision-making.

Ben Rogers – CMO – Linkedin

With nearly a decade of marketing experience at giants like Google and Flight Centre, CMO Ben Rogers joins Travala.com to help take its next steps towards becoming a household name in the travel space and further promote the use cases of the AVA token.

Jin Yang – Chief Security Officer – Linkedin

With years of experience at technical giants like FireEye and Google, Jin is focused on understanding the security challenges in the current and future state of Travala.com’s business operations, and to prepare Travala.com with the right tools, skills, resources, relationships and capabilities against growing information security risks.

Drew Currah – Financial Advisor – Linkedin

Drew is responsible for providing financial advice to Travala.com including financial planning, tracking cash flow, financial risk management, financial reporting and proposing corrective actions. In the past, Drew founded his own online home services marketplace and worked with the De Beers Group and Christopher Guy in financial strategy capacities. He is also a CFA charter holder.

Management Team

Radka Wilson – Global Operations Manager Linkedin

Radka joins Travala.com as Global Operations Manager with 14 years travel industry experience at global travel organisations such as Flight Centre Travel Group. Radka will be responsible for management of all areas of customer and operational support.

Shane Sibley – Head of Business Development – Linkedin

Leveraging a decade of business development experience from multinational financial firms to fast growing startups, Shane is responsible for overseeing the growth and health of Travala.com partnerships with the goal of organically enhancing market presence and user adoption.

Andy Vu – Product Manager – Linkedin

As Business Analyst/ Product Manager at Travala.com, Andy uses his years of technical experience and customer research to harmonize the interests of stakeholders to bring the best quality products to customers.

Cécile Tran – HR ManagerLinkedin

As a Senior HR Manager with over 15 years of HR Management experience in Tech start-ups to large scale global companies, Cécile consults the BOD and partners with Business Managers to ensure all HR-related matters are dealt with compliance & consistency, and, all employees have the most valuable and enjoyable experience throughout their journey.

Charlie Li – Community/ Business Development Manager in China – Linkedin

As a dynamic and self-motivated business development and community manager, Charlie is responsible for managing Travala.com’s Chinese community, as well as developing business partners.